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Lolita Dream List / I Will Trade For...

One Pieces:

Angelic Pretty Dream Sky in lavender, pink or sax.


Angelic Pretty Memorial Cake Halter Neck JSK in sax.

Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate in sax, pink, or ivory.

Angelic Pretty Misty Sky in Blue or Black

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Sweet Cookies Alice in sax or pink.

MAXICIMAM Playing Cards Apron Tea Party in sax.

Bodyline L136 "Alice" JSK in sax. (LL or TLL)

Bodyline L144 "Carousel" in yellow or pink. (LL) GOT IT


♥ Angelic Pretty Dream Fantasy in Sax

Angelic Pretty Dreamy Dollhouse Ribbon Brooch in pink.


Angelic Pretty Happy Square Shirring Blouse in sax, pink, or white.

Angelic Pretty Short Sleeve Shirring Blouse in pinkXwhite, pink, or white.

Angelic Pretty Ribbon Shirring Blouse (Re-release) in pink or white.

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Hem Frill Babydoll Blouse in pink or white.

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Babydoll Blouse with Detachable Sleeves in pink or white.


Angelic Pretty Gelato Tunic Style in pink or white.


Angelic Pretty Milky-chan of the Fawn Fur cape in white or pink.

Angelic Pretty Ribbon Dolce Bolero in white, pink, sax, or pinkXwhite.

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Poodle Fur Bunny Ears Mantle in pink or white.



Angelic Pretty Gingham Candy Hair Comb in pink.


Odds n' Ends:

Angelic Pretty Knitted Bunny-chan Wrist Cuffs in pink or white.

Angelic Pretty Twinkle Star Bag in yellow.

ngelic Pretty Heart Charm Wrist Cuffs pink or white.

Angelic Pretty Jelly Wrist Cuffs in pink.

Angelic Pretty Color Scheme Heart Charm Wrist Cuffs in pink.

Angelic Pretty Merry-Go-Round Print Umbrella in pink or white.

Angelic Pretty School Chocolate Collar in pink or sax.

Angelic Pretty Candy Treat Bag in pinkXwhite

Angelic Pretty Donut Shoulder Bag in any color.

Angelic Pretty Melty Chocolate Shoulder Bag in mint or pink.

Measurements (More so for my own use):
Bust - 98cm
Lower Bust - 86cm
Waist - 82cm
Hip - 105cm
Height - 168cm
Shoulder Width: 44cm
Shoulder Joint Circumference: 45cm
Bicep Circumference: 32cm

Got my first lolita JSK.

On Friday, I got back from the city, and wow... The girl working at BTSSB was so amazingly helpful! She didn't snark at me (Because I am just a tad overweight) and helped me find things that would fit me. She complimented me, and suggested stuff that would go with the things I wanted! I just wish they had more blue prints in stock. But I got a great deal on a lucky pack JSK that didn't sell.

10/10 would go again.

I got the Dreamy Pony JSK, a pink bow, and some over the knee pink lace socks - talk about pink! I like the color, but I do prefer blue. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and I am now waiting for my petticoat from Classical Puppets.


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